-Ready-to-wear (M or F usage) and virtually invisible, creating a natural looking hairline that gives you amazing off-the face styling versatility and contours to the shape of your head.

-Monofilament Top creates the illusion of natural hair growth where 
the hair is parted and allows you to part the hair in any direction.

-100% Human Hair is the finest quality and gives you the option to 
Style the hair with heating-tools and treat it just like your own hair. 

-Cover for thinner hair and flat crown

-Cover for crown hair loss

-Cover frequently dyed hair and grey hair

-Volume on the crown


* For more product details please see full description below.
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We recommend care by shampoo and conditioning products for human hair solely to maintain the quality and expectancy of your hairpiece.

We recommend the Hair Trix Comb to keep your hair untangled and frizz free.

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