The lightest, bounciest 100% Remy Natural Curl hair in the industry.  This gorgeous hair gives you a beautifully soft, curly, natural look that doesn't lose its shine with multiple uses.  Comes with our 30 Day Quality Guarantee.

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Get the effortless, natural beauty you’re after with our Natural Curl hair. This hair has a natural subtle curl pattern that’s especially beautiful. These extensions are made from premium 100% Remy human hair. They are made with a single machine weft technique to make them completely undetectable. No shedding, no tangling, just the really great hair extensions you want.
Our Natural Curl Hair can be dyed to whichever color suits your preference, and with proper care can last you for multiple uses over many months or even years with proper care! This hair can be styled in numerous ways, flat-ironed straight or conditioned and teased to give it curlier look
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