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Brazilian Remy Hair is some of the most desirable and luxurious hair you can find anywhere.  We offer only the highest quality premium Brazilian hair, which is why we back it with our 30 Day Quality Guarantee. Bundle Deals make it super easy to buy the exact amount of hair you need to get the desired look you want. 


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Get all the premium quality hair you need in one simple bundle for one low price.  Our bundle deals give you a variety of the lengths and textures you need to achieve the exact style you want. Whether you are looking for more fullness, Get multiple packs of premium quality 100% Remy hair extensions at one low price.  With our bundles deals, you get the exact amount of hair you need in the right mixtures of lengths, textures and prices to give you the look you crave.  Whether you want more fullness, or to increase your length, or to achieve that beautiful layered look, our bundle deals will give you exactly what you need.

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  5. lisa - great product Mar 27, 2017 12:16 PM

    I love this hair!

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  6. Tiffany M. - Great quality, soft and easy to manageJan 29, 2017 05:42 AM

    This is my second week wearing the hair. It can in a large priority mail envelope. The hair was delivered in just a few days, my not sure how many because I don't check my mailbox more than once or twice a week.All the bundles were individually wrapped and labeled in plastic Ziploc type bags. The hair is very soft right out of the bag and is even softer afer a cowash. The construction of the frontal is excellent. Very strong lace ... did not tear while I was plucking. The hair line curves in above the temples and near the sideburns similar to a natural hair line. The width of the frontal is better than I expected there is plenty of room for different types of parts. The length of the closure will go past your ears so cutting is necessary but better to have too much than not enough, right? Little to no tangles except at the nape of my neck but a few squirts of water a quarter size dab of conditioner and less than a minute of finger combing and the tangles were gone. Like your natural hair after rubbing it against your hats scarfs and pillows it gets a little dry or frizzy. But water and conditioner fixes that too. There is a little bit of shedding but that may just be because I see through the wefts at each starting point and fold over point while making a wig. I also cut the weft to get every thing super flat toward the crown and frontal so that may have added to my shedding experience. Surprisingly enough the weft is a tough cookie to cut , I suggest using real scissors when you make cuts, the weft is too heavy and well constructed to be cut with hair shears, you'll mess up your shears. My one and only issue with the hair is that in certain forms of light it's lighter than 1b color, so I had to color the frontal with a rinse to darken the strands from easier more natural blending along the edges.

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