THE CUT BUDDY - The Perfect Hair Line


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Get the perfect "edge up", "line up" and "shape up" for your Hair Line, Beard, and Mustache with The Cut Buddy.  Achieve crisp, perfect lines every time with this easy-to-use lining tool (Suitable for Men & Women).

This tool is perfect for:

* Barbers (Students and Pros)

* Stylists ( Short hair cuts, hair lining)

* Parents ( Perfect for cutting the kid's hair)

* Military Members (Extend the life of your hair cut for weeks)

* College Students (Save time and money)

* Anyone looking for the easiest way to keep your hair, beard, mustache looking nice!

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The Cut Buddy is a patented maintenance edge up, line up, and shape up template for hairlines, beards, and mustaches. The tool used together with hair clippers, disposable razors or a straight razor, gives you the perfect trim every time. Use between barber visits to extend the life of your hair cut. For the barber it is the perfect tool to use in conjunction with magic/liner pencils for beards and hairlines. The purpose of The Cut Buddy is to give males and females of all ethnic backgrounds, the easiest way to keep their hair looking great.

More about this product:

  • Flexible - The body of the product is flexible for adjusting to all hairlines
  • Strong - The plastic and rubber portions are fastened tightly and are durable
  • Light Weight - this product can be carried in your pocket or any travel bag
  • Size - Small enough to fit in your pocket or any small bag. Perfect for travelling or military.
  • Many Options - Many curves and angles on template for different sized heads and beards.

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